I’m an award-winning music producer that specialises in Pop, Hip-Hop and EDM that is working with clients worldwide, helping them with:

  • Music Production
  • Remixing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Business & Growth


Rough Demo Idea

...AWARD WINNING RECORDS (over 4 Million Plays Worldwide)

by Shekhinah | Rosegold

What sets me apart from other music producers

  • I have been producing music for over 13 years,
  • Ghost produced for many DJ’s and indie artists
  • I know the music side as well as the business side of things
  • Built a following over 190 000 people on Instagram where I share tips all about music production, engineering and business
  • I can not only help you with music production and audio but also with your growth strategy, branding, content and much more 



The most important part is the creative vision of your song and how we are going to execute it. We talk about styles, reference tracks, possible sounds and try to create a blueprint on how we want your project to sound. I take notes and try to turn your vision into reality. If you already have a demo or an idea we discuss how we can improve your track further.


I start creating the song either from scratch or with your demo. I play guitar, keys and also mix and master which means I can take your song idea and bring it to a level where it is ready for release. For my local clients that are based in Berlin, Germany we will spend a couple of days at my studio writing, recording and mixing the song. For my online clients, I have other resources available where we can collaborate online. You’ll just record your vocals locally and I will guide you through the whole process


Now you should have a finished project that you’re 100% proud of. But you might wonder about things like release strategy, marketing, and branding. After the song is completed I will provide you with some valuable information on how you can promote your song, create a marketing plan, the social media strategy, distribution, brand building and much more


You have a finished project and you gained valuable information for you as an artist. I deliver your project on time. If you decide to make some changes we do a final revision of the track. You get full quality files sent out via Wetransfer, Google Drive or other Cloud services.

Of course, not everyone needs the full package. I don’t want to “oversell” you something that you don’t need. Maybe you just want mixing, a guitar part or just a sample replay. I’m more than happy to discuss where I can help to enhance your project.




I’ve had the pleasure of working with Drey on one of my tracks that was picked by a licensing company. I’ve worked with many talented producers, but Drey enhanced the original idea and brought more musicality and emotion to the song with sound design and sound replacement. I knew that Drey was invested in my project and I’m looking forward to working with him again soon.

Eric (Future Sound Studios)

Music Producer

I have worked with Drey on my last record. Drey is amazing when it comes to combining various music genres, sounds, and styles. His personal musicianship, as well as engineering knowledge, is at a very high level. He works very fast and has everything finished until the deadline. The best thing about Drey is that he is in touch with the music scene and knows exactly what sounds and styles are outdated and what things the market asks for currently. I love working with Drey and trust his intuition when it comes to producing music. Other than having produced an amazing song for me he also took his time to coach me with my release strategy and also gave me great tips when it came to marketing my music and positioning myself as a singer/songwriter with my own brand.

Jessica Stone

Singer / Songwriter


Other than my expertise in music production, remixing, mixing and mastering, I acquired a lot of different skills in various other fields that may help you


Sample Replaying & Sound Design

Sometimes you want to use a sample for your record but can’t because of the copyright of the masters. I can recreate the sample or make something similar with the same vibe. This is one of my specialties that I proved for many clients over all the years. I’m also constantly creating new sounds and samples for my own sound packs and other companies


Room Ambiance and Noise Reduction

I see a lot of podcasters, entrepreneurs and content creators who struggle with their audio recordings. Often times the recording quality is quite poor with a lot of noise and room ambiance. This can be removed with advanced techniques that will get you more listeners and an overall better professional outcome.

Music Business & Growth Strategy

Whether if you’re stuck with your audience, can’t get clients, new fans, music or beat sales, I have the right strategies that help you to get back on track. We can also analyze your competitors and implement the right strategies to get more fans and listeners

Audio & Recording Software + Hardware

No matter if you try to build your first home studio, your first audio workstation or just need some advice with analog gear or synths. With over 13 years of experience in the audio field, I can help you to chose the best option without wasting money


I can teach you everything that I learned over the last 13 years of producing music, remixing, mixing and mastering and give you tips, so your learning curve can be steeper with more results in a shorter time period, without doing the mistakes that I did when I started



You can book me for audio workshops, events and other venues where I can either teach or talk about my experience being in the audio field for more than +10 years 


Some pictures of me and my studio where I create all the magic

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