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Award-Winning Music Producer | Sound Designer | Music & Audio Marketing Expert

I specialize in helping artists like you reach new heights by producing captivating and genre-defying music that resonates with audiences around the world. Whether you’re creating urban pop, electronic masterpieces, or exploring different genres altogether, I’m here to bring your vision and your demo to life.

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Crafting fresh tunes or piecing together demos, yet feeling unsure about turning up their resonance? Do these strategies echo your current journey?



Many artists try to produce their own music using home studio equipment and software. While this can work for some, many find that they can't achieve the sound quality or professional finish they're looking for.


Hiring Cheap Producers

Some artists may try to save money by hiring less experienced or cheaper producers. However, these producers may not have the necessary skills or equipment to produce high-quality tracks.


Collaborating with Friends

Artists often turn to friends who have some experience with music production. However, these collaborations may not yield the best results due to a lack of professional expertise or because it's difficult to give or receive critical feedback in a friendship.


Purchasing Beats from Beatmakers

Some artists may opt to purchase pre-made beats from online beatmakers. While this can be a quick and cost-effective solution, it often results in generic sounding tracks that lack originality and personal touch. Additionally, these beats are often sold to multiple artists, resulting in a lack of exclusivity and uniqueness in their music.


Lacking the 'Hit-Maker's Ear'

Many artists might struggle with crafting music that is commercially appealing or "radio-ready". They may have a talent for creating unique, original songs, but lack the instinct or experience to identify and emphasize the elements that make a song catchy and widely appealing. This ability, often called having a 'hit-maker's ear', is something that professional producers develop over years of experience in the industry, and it's not easily replicated by amateurs.


Struggling with Sound Design

Some artists may find it challenging to create or replicate industry-standard sounds in their music. Sound design, which involves shaping and manipulating audio elements, is a critical part of music production. However, without the right knowledge, tools, and experience, artists can struggle to create the high-quality sounds heard in professional tracks. This can result in their music sounding amateurish or outdated, preventing it from standing out in a competitive music market.

Imagine this: You want your music to be heard by many, keep it sounding like 'YOU', make a good living from it, and all without using the same old boring beats everyone else uses.

Discover the perfect solution to your musical needs, tailored just for you!


Professional Production Expertise:

As a music producer, I can provide the technical knowledge and skill needed to transform raw demos into polished, professional tracks. From sound design to mixing and mastering, you can ensure the highest quality output that aligns with industry standards.


Hit-Maker's Ear:

With many years of experience in the music industry, I can provide the 'hit-maker's ear' that many artists lack. I can help identify and emphasize the elements of a song that can make it catchy and widely appealing, addressing the issue of not having an instinct for crafting commercially successful music.


Industry-Standard Sound Design:

With my extensive knowledge and experience in sound design, I can help you achieve the high-quality, professional sounds you're seeking in your music. This addresses the struggle of not being able to create or replicate industry-standard sounds.

BONUS: Strategic Music Promotion

Having founded a marketing agency in 2020, driven by my passion for music and marketing, I have developed a profound understanding of promoting songs and music brands. This expertise allows me to offer valuable insights, establish industry connections, and create custom promotion plans to maximize the reach of your music. I can connect you with the right industry professionals and provide guidance on utilizing social media and platforms effectively. Together, we will overcome the challenges of DIY promotion and elevate your music to new horizons.

Get to know me

Music Producer Berlin: My Story

Music Producer Berlin

Me in my studio



Some random facts about me

My real name is Andre but people know me as Drey Andersson. I’m a music producer based in Berlin, Germany.

My story began in 2006, when I delved into the world of music production at the age of 18. But the seeds of my artistic journey were sown earlier, at 15, when I first picked up a guitar and discovered the beauty of harmonies.

In 2007, I took a bold leap and began creating remixes, completely reimagining the instrumental parts of established tracks by using acapellas. These remixes garnered immense popularity on YouTube, amassing over 500,000 plays. However, my path encountered a roadblock when Sony BMG compelled YouTube to delete my account. Undeterred, I rose above the setback, fueled by an unyielding passion to redefine the boundaries of musical creativity.

Guitars have always held a special place in my heart, and I make it a point to infuse live guitar sounds into every track I produce, regardless of genre. This commitment to preserving the organic energy of the instrument sets my work apart.

Max Martin, a legendary music producer, is my biggest idol. I have dedicated countless hours to studying his tracks, extracting invaluable insights that shape my own sound. Inspirations from Timbaland, Teddy Riley, Rober Mutt Lange, and Daft Punk also permeate my productions, blending diverse influences into a tapestry of boundless imagination.

The realm of synthesizers and sound design fuels my creative fire, propelling me into uncharted territories of sonic exploration. Each track becomes an opportunity to craft meticulously designed sounds that push the boundaries of what is possible.

In 2010, I ventured into the world of marketing by creating a music blog. This experience opened my eyes to the intricacies of promotion and strategy. Drawing upon this knowledge, I founded my own marketing agency in 2020, allowing me to apply my expertise to my own projects and shape my musical trajectory in unprecedented ways.

My journey as a music producer is a sonic odyssey, where each chapter unfolds with passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. From Berlin to the world, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary musical adventure.

Values I live by


Artistic Integrity

I believe in preserving and enhancing the unique voice of each artist I work with. I respect your creative vision and strive to stay true to it throughout the production process. Your music is an extension of you, and I'm committed to maintaining its authenticity.


Commitment to Excellence

From the first note to the final master, I dedicate myself to achieving the highest quality in every aspect of the music production process. I continuously seek to improve my skills and stay updated with industry trends to ensure that the music I produce meets and exceeds professional standards.


Collaboration and Respect

I value the collaborative process and understand that great music is born out of mutual respect and open communication. I listen to your ideas, provide constructive feedback, and together, we bring your musical vision to life.


I'm like a musical superhero, always ready to help my music friends beat any tough stuff and make their songs sound amazing!

As a musical superhero, my job is to help musicians, like you, make the best music they can. No matter how hard it gets, I’m here to help you solve all the tricky parts and make your songs sound just like the ones you hear on the radio. Together, we can make music that everyone will love!


The story about the SAMA Award for Shekhinah - Different

My journey in the world of music has been filled with exciting and unexpected moments. One such moment was the creation of the hit track “Different,” which I co-produced with MaeNMaejor during a collaborative session that spanned continents.

The initial idea for “Different” emerged from a simple acoustic guitar melody that I had been playing around with. As MaeNMaejor and I exchanged ideas and built upon the melody, the song began to take shape. The two of us seamlessly blended our individual styles, incorporating elements of various musical genres that resonated with a diverse audience.

Despite the long-distance nature of our collaboration, MaeNMaejor and I were able to effectively communicate our artistic visions and create a track that was both unique and captivating. As the song evolved, it became a true testament to the power of modern technology and the global connection between artists.

When “Different” was finally complete, neither MaeNMaejor nor I could have anticipated the impact it would have. The song not only won the prestigious South African Music Award (SAMA) but also garnered an astounding 8.7 million plays worldwide. This incredible achievement demonstrated the undeniable synergy between the two of us and the universal appeal of our collaborative effort.

Here's a short demo of the rough track at the beginning...

SAMA Album Of The Year

Music and Style

My adventure began with a love for hip hop and pop music, which ignited my drive to create emotionally resonant and captivating tracks.

Over time, I ventured into electronic music, collaborating with artists across genres like house and techno. These experiences allowed me to fuse organic and synthetic textures, forging a unique and dynamic sound that transcends traditional boundaries. My passion for music was further fueled when I first heard the electrifying sounds of the electric guitar. This instrument became a source of inspiration for me, and I knew I had to incorporate its powerful energy into many of my tracks.

Today, I’m comfortable working across various genres, skillfully weaving elements of hip hop, pop, electronic, and more into my productions. As a versatile producer, I’m dedicated to pushing the limits of what music can be, making me an invaluable asset for artists looking to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

Remixes (selection)

Sample Replays & Remakes

Sample replays are an essential aspect of modern music production. By meticulously recreating the original sound, you can avoid copyright issues while still capturing the essence of the sample. With my extensive experience and keen attention to detail, I can expertly replay samples, ensuring that they remain true to their source while seamlessly blending into your production.

In addition to sample replays, I also provide full remakes for clients looking to revitalize a classic track or reinterpret an existing piece. Utilizing my diverse skill set and proficiency in various genres, I can breathe new life into any song by reimagining its arrangement, instrumentation, or style. From subtle enhancements to complete transformations, I’m committed to helping you achieve your creative vision.



Prepared to make your tracks resonate louder with your audience? Let's harmonize your success, together.

Join me on a musical journey where we reach new heights together, unlocking your full artistic potential.