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Drey Andersson

I work with clients all over the world to either create the next hit record or enhance it to bring it to the next level.

1. Talking about your project

We do a call via Whatsapp or Skype to find out more about your project and the things that need to be done. We talk about style, reference tracks and I take notes to deliver a great final product.

2. Working out a strategy

We set out a game plan for your project. We talk about how many days it will take me to deliver the project. We discuss compensation for the project, payment options, and other things.

3. Creating your project

I start creating your project and make the first versions. I’m constantly in contact with you to unsure you are happy with the end product. If changes need to be done I’m doing several revisions of the project.

4. Delivery

I deliver your project in time. If details need to be tweaked we do a final revision of the track. You get a full quality .WAV file delivered via Wetranfer, Google Drive or other Cloud services. If it’s a production you get the full stems of the track.

Production Examples